Out & About Sessions


The pre-school is extremely lucky to be situated right in the heart of a varied and accessible natural environment.  We regularly make use of the beach, woods and local parks to enhance and enrich the play and learning experiences we provide for the children.  Portreath Primary School also kindly allow us to regularly use their wonderful outdoor exploring space within their school grounds.

The Sessions

One of the ways we make use of these fantastic resources  is to hold ‘Out & About’ sessions for our Flying Fish children (the children who will start at school the following September). These sessions involve small groups of children walking to an area in the local environment to explore, play and learn.

The session begins the moment we have left the pre-school building with the walk there forming a large part of the exploring! We always spot something new or different on the way and constantly develop our understanding about how to keep safe.

The areas we visit always inspire in the children:

  • Imagination
  • Problem solving
  • Collaborative play
  • Physical challenges
  • Use of their communication skills

It also supports their skills and attitudes to learning in all areas of the EYFS curriculum.

Above all, however, is the element of having fun in the fresh air with friends – the experience childhood memories are made of!